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7 Tips for Workplace Fire Safety

1/21/2022 (Permalink)

an evacuation plan and fire alarm hanging on a wall If a fire should happen, remember the trusted name in restoration, SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties.

Fire safety is a crucial part of running any business. Are you prepared? Run down this quick checklist to be sure.

1. Make an Emergency Action Plan. OSHA has a tool to help you comply with your workplace’s needed proper emergency standards and create an Emergency Action Plan to safely evacuate teams in a fire situation.

2. Train your teams. Once your plan is in place and you feel confident about its effectiveness, make sure your key leaders and teams know it by heart. You may only have about the time it takes to read this blog to escape a burning building, so it’s important that your leaders and teams know instinctively to spring into action.

3. Keep proper fire safety equipment maintained and ready. From fire extinguishers to sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, alarms and more, you’ve got a lot of helpful tools at the office, but they must be kept in good working order, easily accessible and ready to use. What’s more, your key leaders need working knowledge of the PASS Method and how to use any additional equipment.

4. Post all fire routes and exits visibly and clearly. Your exit routes should be carefully planned and then posted clearly, so that employees, customers and personnel can quickly see and understand them in a drill or emergency.

5. Conduct routine fire drills. Having a certain “muscle memory” for fire escapes is helpful, as time is a factor. Regular rehearsal of the plan can save time and even lives during an emergency, because your teams will be less prone to panic when they’re familiar with the drill.

6. Properly dispose any flammable materials. Letting papers or hazardous materials pile up around the workplace is only creating more dangerous fire scenarios and making a fire more likely to start or spread quickly. Always keep kitchens free of grease residue, and properly store or dispose of anything flammable that’s not mission-critical.

7. Eliminate electrical hazards at work. There are numerous potential hazards present at work, from poor grounding of equipment to faulty wiring or power cords. Always make sure any electrical system is properly installed, used and maintained to avoid a hazard.

If a fire should damage your workspace, we’re here to help. Call on SERVPRO to restore your property after a fire.

Why You Should Trust SERVPRO With Your Fire Damage Recovery

1/21/2022 (Permalink)

a red and orange campfire burning in the night SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties is your local fire restoration expert. No job is too big for our team of experts.

Dealing with a fire is one of the most taxing things a homeowner could possibly imagine.

Fire causes all kinds of damage in your home, and recovering from a home fire encompasses dealing with physical, financial, emotional and mental recovery.

While SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties can’t help with all these areas, we can be your main source of property recovery and restoration. And we can get your home taken care of quickly, which can in turn aid in your emotional recovery as well.

Here’s why you know you can feel good about entrusting your fire recovery to us.

We’re Established.

We’ve been doing this a very long time. SERVPRO was established the same year Thurgood Marshall was appointed to the Supreme Court, if that gives you any idea.

That means we’ve got over 50 years’ experience helping families and homeowners deal with the effects of fire, and we’ll use all those years of innovation and experience to give you the most complete recovery possible.

We’re Skilled.

SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties employs a team of experts, trained and equipped to handle anything fire may have done to your home. From reversing the effects of smoke damage to full-blown rebuilding efforts, we have the tools and work ethic to get it done.

We’re always up to date on the latest technologies, innovations and certifications, which multiplies our capacity for tackling even the toughest recovery projects.

We’re Very Fast.

When you click this link or call (706) 278-7378, you’re getting connected with a local team who can be onsite right away to get started.

You don’t have to wait for a team from somewhere else to mosey up to Calhoun, Chatsworth, or Dalton—no, we’re right here in Dalton which means when you need us, we’re the quickest option for your recovery. And we’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your emergency call.

When fire strikes at home, the choice is clear: SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties is the name you can trust with your recovery and restoration.

If fire or other disasters do damage to your home, we’re here to make things right again. Contact us today to get fast, local recovery started on your property right away.

Let Us Help You Rebuild After a Storm

1/17/2022 (Permalink)

rain and a tornado forming in an open field When storms strike your home or business, trust us to make things right again. SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties is here to help.

You know what SERVPRO does by now. You see the green truck with the orange logo, and you feel pretty sure somebody’s about to get some water damage cleaned up.

They had a pipe burst or a sewage backup, and a SERVPRO team is headed to get them back in the dry. Or maybe they had a fire in the kitchen, and the green team is on their way to clean up and remove the smoke damage and smell.

These things may all be true, and kudos to you for your acumen. But something you may not know about SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties is that we can provide full-blown reconstruction when your home or business is damaged, whether you’ve had something as minor as drywall or carpet damaged by intruding water or you’ve experienced an extreme disaster. When disaster strikes, we’ve got the teams, the tools and the expertise to repair or fully rebuild.

Not only can we rebuild and reconstruct to get your home back to its preloss condition, but we can simplify your life by simplifying your post-damage process. You can trust SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties for initial damage assessment, for the emergent needs for repair and mitigation, and for putting your home back together the way you know and love it.

With a streamlined process handled all by one excellent team, you can have peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of, and nothing is missed or miscommunicated.

SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties is licensed for residential contractor services, so you know you can trust our workmanship as well.

We can help with every area of your repair, rebuild and reconstruction process, including board up, dry cleaning, electrical, and HVAC services, plumbing and much, much more. We can even help with temporary fencing and warehouse space.

There’s so much more to SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties than what you may think when you see the green truck. The bottom line is that if you’ve got a repair or restoration need of any kind at home, we can help you get it taken care of. Call us first—it’s likely we’ll be the only call you have to make. 

When storms strike your home or business, trust us to make things right again. From initial evaluation to the finishing touches, SERVPRO is here to make your life easier after a storm.

Do You Know What Pipes Are Vulnerable to Freezing?

1/14/2022 (Permalink)

frozen outdoor spigot If you have water damage due to frozen pipes, contact SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties today.

Experiencing winter weather can certainly be an inconvenience. Between cold temperatures and high winds, it is not a season designed for comfort. However, when things turn frigid, there is also cause for concern regarding the pipes in your home.

While frozen pipes may seem like a problem that only occurs in the chilliest of places, depending on your home’s construction and insulation levels, it is still a real possibility here, too.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage and freezing makes up over 23% of homeowner insurance claims in the United States. While instances of water damage due to frozen pipes may be covered on your insurance, it is still a headache that is better avoided when possible.

Below, we will look at the pipes in the home that are most vulnerable to freezing so you can be certain you know what to look out for.

The Pipes in a Home That Are the Most Vulnerable to Freezing 

Pipes along exterior walls of the home. Depending on your home’s layout, plumbing can be routed through the walls in a variety of ways. Plumbing for the interior is commonly routed through exterior walls, and if you have outdoor spigots on your home, these pipes are also exposed to more of the exterior temperatures. When things get rather cold, these are typically the first pipes to freeze.

Pipes in the attic, crawlspace or basement. If you have an attic, crawlspace or basement that is not insulated, it is important to note if you also have plumbing in these areas. If you do, know that these pipes are also prone to freezing if it were to get cold enough. These pipes are rarely routed close to a home’s insulation, so they may be extra exposed.

Any home in a southern climate. While we may think of frozen pipes as a problem that only occurs in the cold of the northern half of the country, it is very likely for homes in the south to experience frozen pipes, too. Pipes in the south are rarely insulated heavily, so when we do get a cold snap, they are likely to be impacted.

If you have water damage due to frozen pipes, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our water restoration services.

What to Do When You Need a Storm Shelter?

1/14/2022 (Permalink)

a white storm shelter sign hanging on a brown wall If a storm should strike and do damage to your home, SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray & South Whitfield Counties is here to help.

Some storms are worse than others. You can’t always see that kind of destruction coming, and the unfortunate truth is that some day a weather event may take place that may cause you to suddenly be in a place where staying or returning to your home isn’t a safe option.

In the following blog we’ll go through what you need to know—how to find a reputable shelter nearby, how to know if you’re eligible, what to bring and what to expect.

Find a reputable shelter, such as a Red Cross shelter. Red Cross shelters are free and open to absolutely anyone in need due to a disaster or emergency. Service animals (not pets) are also welcome, and the shelter can assist with food or supplies.

The Red Cross provides a searchable map on their website, which can help you find the nearest shelter. Additional shelters open during a crisis, so it always pays to check.

If you have special needs or have requests regarding food, supplies or religious requirements, the Red Cross volunteers will do what they can to accommodate you and make you comfortable.

You can bring certain items with you, such as bedding, clothing and medication. If you have children who have a beloved special stuffed animal or blanket, they are welcome to bring it for comfort.

You can also bring your own emergency kit. Of course, if you don’t have time to pack these things before you evacuate, or the emergency happens while you are away from your home, the shelter will do everything possible to get you what you need.

Don’t bring weapons, illegal drugs or alcohol to the shelter; they will not be allowed inside.

Your Red Cross shelter will provide a safe refuge from the storm or disaster event, food and water, first-aid and basic health services, as well as a laundry list of other helpful things like childcare, laundry and access to case workers who can assist you with recovery.

Red Cross shelters remain open until all guests have procured a safe place to stay, and they will help you as needed when you return home, or if you need assistance finding a temporary place to stay while your home is repaired.

There may be other shelters available in the event of an emergency as well, but you always know the Red Cross is a trustworthy sign of help in a crisis.

If a storm should strike and do damage to your home, SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties is here to help. Contact us anytime to make a connection or find out how we can help restore or even rebuild your home after a weather emergency.

Signs Your Pipes May Be Frozen

1/10/2022 (Permalink)

icicles hanging from a gutter If you have water damage due to frozen pipes, Contact SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties today.

Having the pipes in your home freeze is far more than simply an inconvenience. While you may not be able to use the taps in your house while the pipes are frozen, they can also burst and lead to serious water damage throughout your home.

In fact, the Insurance Information Institute has found that 23% of all the homeowners insurance claims made in the United States are related to water and freezing.

While we tend to think of pipes freezing as something that happens in extremely cold climates, any time the weather falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it is possible for pipes to freeze. Understanding what signs to look for is key for knowing if your pipes are frozen—and if you notice them, acting quickly is a must to avoid costly damage.

Below, we will look at a few key signs that may indicate that you have a frozen pipe on your hands so you can take action right away.

Signs That the Water Pipes in Your Home Have  Frozen

No water is coming out of the taps. If you turn on a faucet or tap in your home and do not get water as usual, that may be a sign that your pipes are frozen. Frozen pipes may result in no water flow at all, or they may cause only a trickle to come out of the faucet—regardless, experiencing this is certainly cause for concern.

You experience an odd odor from your tap or drain. If you have an odd odor in your home, and it seems to be coming directly from a drain or tap, that may mean the pipes have frozen. If there are odors in the pipe that are blocked by ice, they will not be able to escape as usual, and will only be able to travel back the way they came.

There is frost on your pipes. If you have pipes that are exposed in your basement, crawlspace or attic, you can check for frost on them if you suspect they may be frozen. Any time frost has accumulated on the outside of a pipe, that is a good indication that you have a full or partial freeze on your hands.

If you have water damage due to frozen pipes, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our water restoration services and how we can help you.

A Guide to Fire Code Considerations for Your Commercial Space

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

person inspecting fire extinguishers If your business needs help with fire damage, you can count on SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties 24/7/365.

If you own or operate a business or other commercial space, understanding how to protect your investment and your employees from harm related to fire damage is a must. Not only are fires extremely dangerous for anyone who is in the area, but they can also be devastating to businesses—it is estimated that over half of businesses are unable to recover from a fire.

Fortunately, businesses are able to take many precautions when it comes to fire prevention, and national commercial fire codes are a great place to start. While each area will have their own local codes that should also be followed, below, we will examine some of the national codes that can help you keep your business safe and operational.

Fire Codes Pertaining to Commercial Sprinkler Systems 

While they are not required in all types of commercial buildings, a commercial fire sprinkler system can be a fantastic way to reduce the risk of a fire severely impacting your business. Typically, the rules for fire sprinkler systems are that they must be installed in any commercial building over 5,000 square feet and any building that is taller than 55 feet in height.

Fire Codes Pertaining to Fire Alarms 

While smaller commercial spaces are not always required to have a fire alarm system, installing them is a simple enough process that it is always a good idea. By alerting people to the fire quickly, your employees and customers will have more time to escape, which could potentially save a life. If possible, it is best to invest in interconnected fire alarms, so that when one is triggered, they will all sound to alert everyone in the area.

Fire Codes Pertaining to Fire Extinguishers 

All businesses are required to have fire extinguishers on the premises, but how many and where they should be located varies based on the size and nature of the commercial space in question. Additionally, business owners are required to have fire extinguisher training with all employees at least once per year to be certain that everyone is aware of how to use a fire extinguisher and comfortable with the best practices.

If your business needs help with fire damage, you can count on us. We are here 24 hours a day to help you recover in the aftermath of a commercial fire. Contact us today to learn more.

Why to Choose SERVPRO When Your Home Needs Reconstruction

1/5/2022 (Permalink)

a brown brick home with signs of extensive damage due to a storm When damage happens at home, we’re ready to jump into action. Contact SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties to get help right away.

Not all emergencies are created equal. Sometimes the extent of a restoration need is to have carpet professionally dried, furniture restored or mild smoke smell removed—all things that are certainly within our capability.

But some emergencies take a bigger chunk out of your life, ruining whole areas of your home—your subfloor, drywall and even your framework. It’s in these times that you’ll be glad to know you’ve got a team on your side who can not only handle the cleanup, but also perform any necessary reconstruction, to restore your home to its original, preloss state.

Our first aim is restoration. We want you to be able to keep your original possessions, and we’ve got both modern and time-tested techniques to get them dried, sanitized and ready for use again.

But when something more is needed—when an electrical fire eats away your walls from the inside, for example—we can take care of everything, start to finish.

When you choose SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties for reconstruction, that means all your needs are cared for by one team, with clear communication, synergy and expertise. You’ll have a faster, easier and more effective recovery time, plus the peace of mind knowing it’s all being handled by the industry leader with over 50 years’ experience in the field. And your insurance company will love you for keeping things simple.

Reconstruction requires expertise, because existing parts of your home have to be properly fitted to match reconstructed areas, which are built in or rebuilt to replace damaged ones. It’s not an easy task to make it look natural and seamless, but your SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties team is up for the challenge.

Considering the widespread damage that can happen to your home because of a few inches of floodwater, it’s easy to see why reconstruction can become necessary. But you can rest easy knowing that should the need arise, your friends at SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray, & South Whitfield Counties have the expertise, tools and teams available around the clock to get your cleanup and reconstruction handled quickly, safely and completely.

When damage happens at home, we’re ready to jump into action. Contact SERVPRO when reconstruction and recovery are needed after water damage, fire or mold outbreak.

Keeping Track of Fire Safety at Your Business

1/3/2022 (Permalink)

employees looking at floor plans If you are dealing with the aftermath of a fire at your business, you can depend on SERVPRO of Gordon, Murray & South Whitfield Counties.

For business owners, there are few things more important for the safety of you and your staff  than ensuring you have the right fire protections  in place. Fires can be absolutely devastating for businesses, with over half never being able to  recover after the damage—but fortunately, there are plenty of ways to decrease the likelihood that  you will ever experience a fire at all.

All businesses are subjected to certain fire codes  set forth by the National Fire Protection  Association, which provide a great guideline for  making sure you are being as safe as possible. In addition to adhering to fire codes when you are first starting out, it is also important to make sure you are regularly auditing your fire safety efforts to be sure nothing slips through the cracks. Below, we have listed out some helpful tips for  doing just that.

Keeping Track of Your Fire Prevention Efforts in the Workplace

Make sure you have enough (working) fire extinguishers. It is required that all commercial spaces have fire extinguishers on the premises, though how many and where they are located will vary depending on your specific situation. That being said, it is important to check your fire extinguishers regularly—while they do have a long shelf life, there will be an indicator on each one that will let you know if it is time to be replaced.

Check or install commercial sprinkler systems. While not every business is required to have a sprinkler system, they can be a great investment for any commercial space. Sprinkler systems are extremely effective at stopping fires quickly, so even if your business is not technically required by codes to have them, it might be worth considering having a sprinkler of some sort put into place.

Be sure you are reviewing fire safety with your staff. Fire safety efforts are great, but if your staff is ill-prepared for a fire, they can be all for naught. Make sure you are regularly going over fire routes, fire exits, evacuation protocols and fire extinguisher use with your staff. That way, everyone will know exactly how to take action in the event that a fire begins, which can eliminate confusion in a panicking situation.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a fire at your business, you can depend on us. Contact us today to learn more about our fire restoration services.

Understanding Fire Sprinkler System Requirements for Commercial Spaces

12/31/2021 (Permalink)

sprinkler head side view If your business is damaged from a fire, contact us about our commercial restoration services for businesses impacted by fires, floods and more.

If you own a business or other type of commercial space, fire safety is extremely important. Not only is adhering to fire codes a must to allow for  our continued operation, but it is also key that you do everything you can to protect your staff  and your customers who are working and doing business inside the space.

Preparations can also reduce the impact of a fire, and given that over half of businesses are not able to recover after a fire emergency, doing  that you can to reduce a fire’s impact is a prudent move.

One vital element of safety and harm reduction is fire sprinkler system. While fire sprinklers are not always* required in commercial buildings, they are more often than they are not—and even if they are not required in your specific situation, it is likely worth having them installed given that  sprinklers are effective in stopping 88% of commercial fires when they are installed.

How Do I Know if I Need Fire Sprinklers in My Commercial Space?

While every area will have local fire codes for  businesses that may vary, some of the national guidelines are included below:

* Fire sprinklers must be installed in any new  commercial building exceeding 5,000 square feet, for any building that is renovated to contain 5,000 square feet after construction.

* Buildings more than 55 feet in height must have fire sprinklers on every floor.

* Self storage buildings must have fire sprinklers installed, except in single story facilities with no indoor corridors.

* If the municipal water pressure to the building is not adequate to pressurize the sprinkler systems, a fire pump should also be installed.

If you are unsure about whether you need a sprinkler system in your commercial space, or you have questions about the system you have, your local fire department will likely be able to connect you with the right person to make an assessment. In addition to installing fire sprinklers, they can help you determine if your fire escape routes, fire exits and fire extinguishers are up to code as well.

If your business is damaged from a fire, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial restoration services for businesses impacted by fires, floods and more.